Installations, performances, videos

Organising and curating Laser Talks Brussels

Organising RusClub with Nadine vzw

Preparation exchange exhibition 'Art Bridge, Related to Earth environment' in Brussels



'Art Bridge, Related to Earth environment'
Miro Center, Gallery Saeng-gak Sang-ja, Chonnam National
Universiy Museum, LEELEENAM Studio,Gwandju, Korea
with Alexandra Dementieva, Yvonne De Grazia, Beatrijs Albers, Reggy Timmermans,
Various Artists, Koen Wastyn

'Ferment' CyFest,Yerenvan, Armenia
with Alexandra Dementieva, Annmarie Maes, Bart Vandeput, Marin Kasimir


'National identity and Contemporary Art'
with Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans, Various Artists, Jeanine Cohen,
Javier Fernandez, Marianne Csazy, Alexandra Dementieva
Online Exhibition

Curating an exhibition of Belgian Artists in next CyFest 2021 edition 'Cosmos & Chaos'
in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Interactive video-audio installation 'Locusts/paperRain' by Various Artists & George Van Dam
is supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap (culturele activiteitenpremie), nadine, iMal
Try-out on the 11 April 2021 at iMal

Interactive installation 'Oscillatory Motion' by Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans
is supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap (culturele activiteitenpremie), nadine, iMal
Try-out on the 15 April 2021 at iMal

Interactive video-audio installation 'Inland Wonderland' by Alexandra Dementieva
is supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap (culturele activiteitenpremie), nadine, iMal
Try-out on the 18 April 2021 at iMal

Video 'Jakob's World' ('Le monde de Jakob') by Beatrijs Albers, Alexandra Dementieva & Reggy Timmermans

Watch an interview with artist Kurt Hentschläger

RusClub in collaboration with NADINE:
30 November - canceled (COVID)
14 December - canceled (COVID)

And meanwhile some video reports from festivals and multimedia exhibitions


2017 - The 10th CYFEST, with Els Van Riel, Koen Theys, Ronald Dagonnier, Alexandra Dementieva, Saint-Petersburg (RU)
2012 - 'Time Keeper' with Aernoudt Jacobs, Anna Frants, IMAL, Brussels (BE)
2012 - ‘Time Keeper’ – State Hermitage Museum, Sint Petersburg (RU)
2007 - 'Media Image and the Subconciousness' exhibition with Phill Niblock, Frank Theys, Koen Theys,
RUART gallery, Moscow (RU)


2019 - 'Eye Wide Shut' interactive installation, co-production Cyland Lab; 'The White is not What it Seems' interactive AR installation, co-production Nadine vzw; 2018 -'Twin Depths' Video installation, performence, live streaming; 'Sleeper' Interactive sound/video installation; 2016 - 'Maranola Constellation' site specific installation; 2015 - 'Orbis Quartus / Another Dimension' Interactive video installation, co-production Cyland Lab; 'Cycloramadrome' Interactive video installation; 2012 - 'Breathless' Interactive installation, co-production Cyland Lab; 2011 - 'Mirror's Traces' Interactive video installation / performance; 'Nanoscope 2111' Interactive video installation / object; 2010 - 'Monolith' Interactive video installation, co-production Interface-Z; 2009 - 'The Unbearable Lightness' Interactive video installation; 'Drama House / Life: A User's Manual' Interactive video installation; 2008 - 'Art Measurement' Interactive video installation; 'Alien Space' Interactive video installation; 'Sonic Loft' Interactive sound installation; 2007 - 'Ward N7' Interactive installation; 2006 - 'Stalker' Interactive video installation; 2005 - 'Limited Spaces N2. SCREEN' Interactive installation/performance; 'Direct Cut' Interactive video installation; 2004 - 'Limited Spaces N1. CUBE' Interactive Installation/performance; 2003 - 'Mirror's Memory' Interactive video installation/performance; 2001 - 'The Room' Interactive video installation, co-production iMAL