Installations, performances, videos

Orgganisingg and curatiing Laser Talks Brussels

RusClub with Nadine vzw
during 2022



'National identity and Contemporary Art'
with Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans, Various Artists, Jeanine Cohen,
Javier Fernandez, Marianne Csazy, Alexandra Dementieva
Online Exhibition

Curating an exhibition of Belgian Artists in next CyFest 2021 edition 'Cosmos & Chaos'
in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Interactive video-audio installation 'Locusts/paperRain' by Various Artists & George Van Dam
is supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap (culturele activiteitenpremie), nadine, iMal
Try-out on the 11 April 2021 at iMal

Interactive installation 'Oscillatory Motion' by Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans
is supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap (culturele activiteitenpremie), nadine, iMal
Try-out on the 15 April 2021 at iMal

Interactive video-audio installation 'Inland Wonderland' by Alexandra Dementieva
is supported by Vlaamse Gemeenschap (culturele activiteitenpremie), nadine, iMal
Try-out on the 18 April 2021 at iMal

Video 'Jakob's World' ('Le monde de Jakob') by Beatrijs Albers, Alexandra Dementieva & Reggy Timmermans

Watch an interview with artist Kurt Hentschläger

RusClub in collaboration with NADINE:
30 November - canceled (COVID)
14 December - canceled (COVID)

And meanwhile some video reports from festivals and multimedia exhibitions


2017 - The 10th CYFEST, with Els Van Riel, Koen Theys, Ronald Dagonnier, Alexandra Dementieva, Saint-Petersburg (RU)
2012 - 'Time Keeper' with Aernoudt Jacobs, Anna Frants, IMAL, Brussels (BE)
2012 - ‘Time Keeper’ – State Hermitage Museum, Sint Petersburg (RU)
2007 - 'Media Image and the Subconciousness' exhibition with Phill Niblock, Frank Theys, Koen Theys,
RUART gallery, Moscow (RU)


2019 - 'Eye Wide Shut' interactive installation, co-production Cyland Lab; 'The White is not What it Seems' interactive AR installation, co-production Nadine vzw; 2018 -'Twin Depths' Video installation, performence, live streaming; 'Sleeper' Interactive sound/video installation; 2016 - 'Maranola Constellation' site specific installation; 2015 - 'Orbis Quartus / Another Dimension' Interactive video installation, co-production Cyland Lab; 'Cycloramadrome' Interactive video installation; 2012 - 'Breathless' Interactive installation, co-production Cyland Lab; 2011 - 'Mirror's Traces' Interactive video installation / performance; 'Nanoscope 2111' Interactive video installation / object; 2010 - 'Monolith' Interactive video installation, co-production Interface-Z; 2009 - 'The Unbearable Lightness' Interactive video installation; 'Drama House / Life: A User's Manual' Interactive video installation; 2008 - 'Art Measurement' Interactive video installation; 'Alien Space' Interactive video installation; 'Sonic Loft' Interactive sound installation; 2007 - 'Ward N7' Interactive installation; 2006 - 'Stalker' Interactive video installation; 2005 - 'Limited Spaces N2. SCREEN' Interactive installation/performance; 'Direct Cut' Interactive video installation; 2004 - 'Limited Spaces N1. CUBE' Interactive Installation/performance; 2003 - 'Mirror's Memory' Interactive video installation/performance; 2001 - 'The Room' Interactive video installation, co-production iMAL